Mobile Ticket Account Setup / Accepting Tickets

As we get closer to the first Saturday in May, Derbybox would like to walk you through on how the mobile ticketing process will work. Beginning next week Derbybox will be sending you mobile tickets and we would like to walk you through on what you will need to do to make sure the tickets arrive in your account successfully.  You will receive an email from Churchill Downs Tickets asking you to accept your tickets.  Please make sure the email address you ordered the tickets with is the email address associated with your ticketmaster account.

1. If you don't already have one, please sign up for a account with the email you used to order your Derby and Oaks tickets from us.

2. Please download the Churchill Downs app on your Android/IPhone. Here is the LINK from to download the app.

3. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, open the app.

4. Next please click the account login logo in the upper right hand corner that is highlighted in Yellow below.

5. Please select the Sign In / Sign Up at the top of the screen

6. Select the Sign In / Up ticketmaster button and then login to your ticketmaster account using your ticketmaster username and password

7. Once you are logged in you will be brought back to the App Main page and then select in the lower right hand corner the tickets button highlighted below in yellow. You will then select My Tickets

8. You will be on your My Tickets page and the Oaks and Derby logos will be showing depending on what day your ordered. Select your event.

9. You should see your tickets for you event. You will swipe right to see all tickets in your account. Please save ALL OF YOUR TICKETS to your Google Wallet or our Apple wallet.

10. If you have any questions please let us know. You can contact us at and we will help you with any step of the process. 

11.  Here is the link to the PDF from Churchill on the mobile entry process as well - LINK

Thanks Again!

Chris @ Derbybox

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