Kentucky Derby / Oaks 2018 - Where do you want to sit?

Acquiring a ticket to the Kentucky Derby is a somewhat complicated thing, especially if you’ve never attended. There many different areas, amenities, privileges and options. As a Louisville area company with over 25 years experience in Derby seating, we have all the answers. If you don’t find out what you need to know on then just pick up the phone and call one of our Derby specialists toll free at 1-866-337-2926 or email us at

Under Cover Seating

Sections 111-112 - Chair back seats & No under cover seats

Sections 113 - Chair back Seats & Rows J & up are under cover

Sections 114-117 - Chair back Seats & Rows G & up are under cover

Sections 118 & 119 Courtyard - Chair back seats & No under cover seats

Sections 120 - Chair back Seats & No under cover seats

Sections 121-128 - Bleacher Seating & No under cover seats

Sections 218-220 - Chair back seats. In section 218 all seats are covered & Rows C & up are under cover in section 220

Sections 221-225 - Bleacher seats & Rows K & up are under cover

Sections 226-228 - Stadium Style Seat with back & Rows L & up are under cover 

Sections 312 - 325 - Chair back Seats D & higher are covered

Millionaires Row / Sky Terrace

The seating area synonymous with the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs is Millionaires Row. So just what is Millionaires Row and what it the difference in what is listed as Skye Terrace? Until the massive 2004 construction took place at Churchill, the term Millionaires Row was just a nickname. It was not officially used on tickets or seating charts. All Seats on 4th, 5th and 6th floors were called the Skye Terrace. When they remodeled they decided to officially name the new section up there Millionaires IV (4th floor) and Millionaires VI (6th floor). What remained or the “old sections of 4th, 5th and 6th floors was labeled Sky Terrace and were identified by sections (412, 413, 613, 614 etc).

On Derby Day you’ll likely see Bo Derek, Michael Jordan or Donald Trump in either area. Seating is at 8 seat tables where you enjoy waiter/waitress service, access to a full bar and can order from the menu. To view the races, head out to the balcony area to view. The big difference between Sky Terrace and Millionaires row are three things. 1, Millionaires Row is new, more modern, plusher more TV’s ect. 2. Millionaires Row is more like a Big Dining hall whereas the Sky Terrace is a long narrow room with two rows of tables. 3. Millionaires Row is situated more in direct view of the Finish Line where the Sky Terrace is beyond the wire.

Ticket Prices are slightly higher for Millionaires Row but both offer excellent opportunities to enjoy the festivities in grand style or to entertain guest’s clients and important customers as well. A word of note, the best seats in Millionaires Row IV and VI are the ones closest to the glass. Look for row “A” tables.

Turf Club

The Turf Club is a private “club” for members only, but of course if you have a ticket on Derby or Oaks day, you’re in! These are tables of 6’s and 4’s in which the room is located on the 3rd floor clubhouse just above section 317 on the wire. A lavish gourmet buffet is included with your ticket but you will have to pay your served for drinks. Celebrities like Payton Manning, Pamela Anderson and George Straight usually have tables in the TC. To view the races you can roam just about anywhere at the track as your ticket/armband allows access to all areas. Usually the highest priced ticket for Derby and Oaks. Extreme comfort and luxury.

Clubhouse / Grandstand what’s the difference?


For great views of the race minus some of the lavish VIP amenities, Clubhouse Box seats are your best bet.

Clubhouse sections are on the 1st-3rd floors of the Clubhouse at Churchill Downs and include sections 312-321, 218-220 and 111-117.

Most all Boxes are 6 seat boxes. They all have chair backs and are more comfortable and festive than the grandstand bleachers. There are 8 seat boxes in the 3rd floor Finish Line area. The First floor Clubhouse boxes are predominately out in the open whereas the 3rd floor boxes are mostly under cover. We can accommodate both sections. The 3rd floor offers the best view while the 1st floor is somewhat more festive as its closer to the track. The Clubhouse offers a more “dressed up” selection of amenities. The food and beverage options, betting windows and restrooms are more plentiful and accessible than the grandstand.

Keep in mind, you can always move down at Churchill Downs. If you have seats on the 3rd floor you are free to move down to the 2nd floor of the Clubhouse or 2nd-floor Clubhouse Box seats. The same is true for 2nd-floor Clubhouse seats, meaning you also get access to the 1st floor of the Clubhouse and 1st-floor-Clubhouse-Box sections or walk over to the Grandstand if needed.


For great views of the race at some of the best prices available, try Grandstand seating in the 100, 200 and 300 Grandstand sections. You're on your own for food, drinks and betting, but you still get great views of the race from the front stretch, just before the finish line.

The seating from 121-128 and 221-225 are all bench type bleachers whereas the 3rd floor grandstand sections 322-325 are 6 seat, chair back boxes. Remember, if you have grandstand seats, you cannot move over to the clubhouse.

Derby Seating Secrets and extras

“Walk-Around” tickets are a great way of getting that extra person or two into your box. If you have 7 or 8 in a group and you want a Derby Box. Just purchase a “walk around” and allow that person to share your box. Not all of your people will always be in the box and its easy to move the chairs abound to accommodate. Again, Derby Box has all sorts of “walks” for Derby and Oaks.

When you enter your seating area at Churchill for the Derby and Oaks you will receive an arm band of a specific color allowing you in that area.

Churchill Downs has done a great job at keeping the Kentucky Derby an event that everyone can enjoy. From general admission tickets along the rail in the infield to VIP, celeb-spotting tables in the Turf Club, there are a lot of options to choose from. If you have any questions regarding your Kentucky Derby tickets purchase or you're looking for tickets in a section we've not covered here, please do not hesitate to call us at 502-KYDERBY (593-3729).

We want your experience to reflect the honor, tradition and spectacle that is the Kentucky Derby. If you have any questions one of our knowledgeable Representatives will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect seating to ensure your visit to Churchill Downs is unforgettable. Please keep in mind that we are a local company in the Louisville Ky area and have direct experience with Kentucky Derby seating for over 25 years. No where else will you get the expertise associated with making your Derby experience.

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