New Year! New Derby!

The road to the 141’st Kentucky Derby starts here, and now. Today is the first Saturday of the New Year…2016. Which means, its only 17 more Saturdays’ until “The First Saturday in May”. The 141’s running of the Greatest Two minutes in Sports. The Kentucky Derby. Here at we are excited and honored to be offering Kentucky Derby Premium travel packages and ticketing for our 15th years.

My name is Doug Dearen, the founder of this company and over the next 17 weeks I’ll be submitting blogs about this years Derby and just about anything and everything that has to do with The Run for the Roses. As a Louisville resident I first went to the Derby back in 1976 as a high school senior. Like most teenage derby visitors, I went to the infield with a bunch of friends. Through out the blanket, sat on my cooler and tried to pick some winners. Hated it. Didn’t hate the Derby but hated being stuck in the infield where I couldn’t see a horse and stood in line for everything. Bathrooms, betting, cashing and food and drinks. I made a pledge that I wasn’t going back until, 1. I had seats. 2. Good Seats! 3. I would dress up in the best Derby threads I could afford. Finally, after college I was able to accomplish all 3 when my Dad got a clubhouse box for the 1981 Derby for our family. This year (Derby 2016) will be my 35th consecutive Derby.

(me with my family at 1981 Derby)

15 yrs ago I started with a vision for helping people attend this great event. Today, Thousands upon thousands of customers have attended the Derby as our guests it is our passion and mission to “Share the Derby” with as many folks as possible. It’s a pretty safe bet that has sent more people as a single entity to the Kentucky Derby than any other 10 similar companies combined. Sold more party tickets, more Derby hotel rooms, more Derby restaurant reservations, Limos, cab rides, horse farm tours etc, etc. My parents taught me not to brag but the reality is, if we at HAVE NOT sent more people to the Derby than anyone else, then shame on us because this is all we do.! We don’t do Masters Golf, Super Bowl or Indy 500. We DO THE DERBY and we do it all year long, every day and all day. NOTHING Else. 12 months a year Kentucky Derby.

Over the next 17 weeks, I will be blogging with more Derby information than you can possible imagine. Your will get THE most detailed inside information about The Kentucky Derby from the most reliable sources. Our topics will include…

• TICKETS- Cost, location, amenities, price, groups, dining, celebrities, undercover, boxes, rail seats (front row) hospitality. etc
• Hotels – 5 star, economy, 2 nights, 3 nights, transportation included
• Dining – The Best to the most fun. Interviews with Jeff Ruby’s, Vincinzos, Jack Fry’s and more top Louisville Derby restaurants.
• Derby fashions – what to wear, brands, hats, how to ship them and carry them on your Derby trip.
• Parties. All the latest from all the Party’s. An interview with Barnstable-Browns, The new party’s what to wear, when to get there and ticket cost.
• Inside tips for getting around the track at Derby – Parking, best viewing, celebrity spotting, photo ops, best Mint Julep location. Etc.
• A Derby 1st timer? We have all the info for your first trip.
• Kentucky Oaks, Thurby. What are they and where you should sit.

These topics and many many more to come along with special give always and other fun Derby news and activities.

Last year Kentucky Derby attendees got to witness history. American Pharaoh won the Derby and then captured the first Triple Crown in 38 years. What will this year hold?? Stay tuned.

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